is satellite beach florida a good place to live

Is Satellite Beach Florida a Good Place to Live? [Discover the Details!]

Overview of Satellite Beach, FL

If you’re looking for a small town with a friendly atmosphere, Satellite Beach, FL might be the perfect place for you.

Located on a barrier island, this hidden gem is known for its beautiful beach and mild climate.

Satellite Beach is a small city with a population of just over 10,000 people.

Despite its size, there are plenty of amenities to enjoy, including parks, restaurants, and shops.

The city is also home to several highly-rated schools, making it a great place to raise a family.

Living in Satellite Beach: Quality of Life

If you’re considering moving to Satellite Beach, you’re probably wondering what the quality of life is like in this Florida town.

In this section, we’ll explore the factors that contribute to the quality of life in Satellite Beach.

Housing Market and Cost of Living

Satellite Beach is a great place to live if you’re looking for affordable housing.

The median home price in Satellite Beach is $527,800, which is 35.9% higher than the national average.

However, this is offset by the high median income of $92,750, which is 25.6% higher than the national average.

If you’re looking to rent, the average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,300, which is 11.7% higher than the national average.

Education and Schools

Satellite Beach is home to several highly-rated schools, including Satellite High School, which has a 9/10 rating on Great Schools.

The town is also close to several colleges and universities, including the Florida Institute of Technology and Eastern Florida State College.

If you’re looking for quality education for your children or yourself, Satellite Beach is a great place to live.

Safety and Crime Rates

Satellite Beach has a low crime rate, making it a safe place to live.

According to NeighborhoodScout, the town’s crime rate is 44% lower than the national average.

This means that residents can feel secure in their homes and when they’re out and about in the community.

Amenities and Recreation

the clear blue ocean and a few surfers in the distance complete the idyllic setting

When it comes to amenities and recreation, Satellite Beach has plenty to offer.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities, dining options, or shopping destinations, you’ll find it all in this vibrant community.

Beaches and Parks

One of the biggest draws of Satellite Beach is its beautiful beaches and parks.

Pelican Beach Park is a popular destination for families, with its playgrounds, picnic areas, and beach access.

Samsons Island is another great spot for outdoor recreation, with its hiking trails, fishing areas, and stunning views of the Indian River.

Restaurants and Shopping

Satellite Beach also has a variety of dining and shopping options to choose from.

Whether you’re in the mood for seafood, pizza, or coffee, you’ll find it all here.

There are also plenty of grocery stores and shops in the area, making it easy to stock up on essentials and find everything you need.

Entertainment and Activities

If you’re looking for things to do in Satellite Beach, you won’t be disappointed.

The community is home to a variety of entertainment and activity options, including public schools, libraries, and outdoor events.

The weather is also ideal for outdoor activities year-round, with mild winters and plenty of sunshine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Satellite Beach Florida

What are the living costs in Satellite Beach, Florida?

Satellite Beach, Florida is a beautiful coastal city that offers a high quality of life.

However, the living costs in Satellite Beach are higher than the national average.

The cost of living in Satellite Beach is 11% higher than the Florida average and 16% higher than the national average.

The cost of housing is the biggest contributor to the high living costs in Satellite Beach.

However, the city offers a great quality of life, which makes it worth the investment.

What is the quality of life in Satellite Beach for families?

Satellite Beach is a great place for families to live.

The city has a low crime rate, great schools, and a strong sense of community.

The city has some parks and recreational facilities that families can enjoy.

The beaches are also a great place for families to spend time together. The city also has many community events throughout the year that bring families together.

How does Satellite Beach compare to other cities in Brevard County in terms of livability?

Satellite Beach is one of the most livable cities in Brevard County.

The city has a high quality of life, a low crime rate, and great schools.

It also has a strong sense of community and many recreational facilities.

Satellite Beach is a great place to live for those who want to enjoy the coastal lifestyle.

What are the demographics and cultural diversity like in Satellite Beach?

Satellite Beach has a population of 11,093, with a median age of 42.

The city is predominantly white, with a small percentage of Hispanic and Asian residents.

It has many cultural events throughout the year that celebrate the diversity of the community.

Satellite Beach is a welcoming and inclusive city that values diversity.

Is there a concern regarding health issues, such as cancer clusters, in Satellite Beach?

There have been concerns about cancer clusters in Satellite Beach due to the city’s proximity to Patrick Air Force Base.

However, the Florida Department of Health has conducted several studies and found no evidence of a cancer cluster in the area.

The city has also taken steps to address any potential health concerns, such as testing the water supply and air quality.

Does Satellite Beach offer a well-developed downtown and community amenities?

Satellite Beach does not have a traditional downtown area, but the city has many community amenities.

The city has a community center, library, and many parks and recreational facilities.

The beaches are also a great place for residents to enjoy the coastal lifestyle.

There are many community events throughout the year that bring residents together.

Pack your bag and explore this beautiful place.